The Scopes Monkey Trial

We’re coming up on the 88th anniversary of the Scopes trial, a court case which accused a Tennessee teacher of violating the Butler act declaring the teaching of any evolutionary sciences in public schools unconstitutional. This was one of the most publicized of any court cases in American history as evolution has stood as a controversy since the origins of the theory. Luckily with the Butler act repealed, evolution is now the main practice throughout the United States as the public taught theory towards abiogenesis.


DNA DAY 2013!!!

DNA DAY 2013!!!

Happy DNA day! This is the 10th celebration of the day in which the Human genome was synthesized, a science which is entirely reliant upon the idea that mutations constantly occur which is a critical part of Evolution. In all the project has resulted in countless medical advancements as well as actually turning a profit off of the initial costs to fund the project.

Commonplace imagery

I have decided to post a picture of the evolution of man as it is one of the most easily recognizable images in relation to evolution. I also find it to be a socially relevant image as it carries great power in its humbling simplicity as it shows the true meticulous nature in which man slowly attained his stature in his last evolutionary baby steps.

My views

I decided to focus my capstone around the scientific theory of Evolution. This presents a very interesting world-issue as the vast majority of the world, excluding some European countries, for the vast majority still are very embraced in dogmas. This is an issue as most every theological viewpoint states that everything was made the way it is now in the very beginning. I find it is necessary however to teach the theory in our schools as, at the present time, it is one of the most supported and influential theories in human history. And regardless of personal opinions, facts are what we should be teaching our students.