A wave of reason

I am always gonna try and find one fun thing to post simply for the enjoyment of the reader, and I can honestly say that listening to melodysheep videos I kinda jam out to all of my favorite physicists autotuning into some awesome little bout of poetic reasoning. These videos work quite shockingly well at showing the mental consensus of entire generations by placing at the forefront their greatest and most critical thinkers. And in doing so this allows one to truly take in the awe of how science even over the course of 70+ years is able to guide itsle fon a pretty steady course as we are not so much rewriting science on a daily basis as we are refining guiding principles that have beeen established long ago. It is through this process that we are capable of exponenitally advancing our race.


Young Evolution

Young Evolution

As a child I was, and still am a rather adament fan of pokemon. It was merely a funny television show, fun game, and obsessive collectoble card to me in my youth; but as I grew up I began to realize how the game itself was where I first heard of Evolution. I still find it perplexing how such a powerful and intricate theory (albeit somewhat incorrectly presented) can make so much sense in the eyes of a child watching their squirtle turn into a wartortle for the first time. I also find it hauntingly sad in how those kids can grow into fundamentalist adults who view this amazing process as sacrilege and take these experiences from their own kids.

Evolutionary Rap

This colorful character is Baba Brinkman, a rap artist who has recently won over some favor within the rationalist community for his work inspired by Darwin’s 200th birthday. Since this video he has had many large studio performances including Nerdstock. His kind of performance is something that is few and far between but on the rise in the modern world, where skeptics from all around meet to see their celebrities speak empirical evidence but in a entertaining and sometimes comical manner. This is the culmination of over a century and a half of people fighting to bring evolution into the light.

Just Some Straight Up Epicness

This image makes an astoundingly little amount of sense to many of us, but it’s actually one of my favorite evolutionary developments. It’s known as the pharyngeal jaw, and is used to help eels ingest their prey. This is necessary because their thin mouths don’t create negative pressure to help gobble down unsuspecting prey, so once they bite, they use their throat jaws to pull the prey items down into their gullets. How is that not the coolest thing ever!?;

Words To Live By

John Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth and the 5th person to enter space. He was also a man with the knowledge of the importance of science within the curriculum of our classrooms. Sciences derived from empirical evidence, not beliefs. Were all allowed to hold our own beliefs, but never may our public institutions force us to be told any faith-supported belief is the truth.

The Dangers of Teaching Creationist Beliefs

The Dangers of Teaching Creationist Beliefs

This is a snapshot of a quiz, given at an elementary school somewhere in Northern South Carolina, of what appears to be a bible oriented science class. It felt as if it might be a false document made to bash organized religion until it turned out a man posted a picture of his daughter’s test after an argument about the fact of dinosaurs living 65 million years ago. This is just the basic truth behind how abandoning science for religion within the confines of the science classroom is an entirely destructive practice. I won’t bring my protractor to church, so long as you keep your bible out of my science class.


This is a video by a rather interesting thinker by the username of Qualiasoup, a very newage thinker with quite a knack at useful animations. In this video he again discusses the common idea behind evolution as well as the premises in which creationist theories are lacking and inherently useless within the confines of a classroom.